Health Insurance Quotes for Children Only in Wisconsin

Parents, guardians, and other custodians may have lots of reasons to buy private child only health insurance in Wisconsin. Typically, private health insurance for kids will offer more provider choices, reasonable premiums, and valuable benefits. On our site you can learn more about various choices to help make sure kids have good coverage for their health in Wisconsin. We make it easy and convenient to compare private health insurance plans for children only in Wisconsin from the top insurance carriers in the state. We know how important health coverage is to most parents. Many of them want to make sure their kids are covered for routine check-ups, preventive care, trips to the ER and even immunizations.

Compare Health Insurance Quotes for Children Only in Wisconsin

These are some statistics about Wisconsin kids:

The reason that these statistics matter is that many families count on a parent to provide health insurance coverage. If either parent lives elsewhere, the odds increase that the responsible party’s group coverage won’t cover the town or city where the child lives. This is one reason that parents or guardians purchase a short-term child only health insurance in Wisconsin. The good news is comparing health insurance quotes for children only in Wisconsin is easy when you use our website.

This list displays the largest Wisconsin cities and their population figures:

The Children’s Health Insurance Program in Wisconsin (CHIP Coverage)

Wisconsin children from low-income families might qualify for public health plans:

Understanding the CHIP Program in Wisconsin

Some kids in a family with a fairly low income and no access to appropriate group coverage might qualify for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP Coverage) or Medicaid. That state has strict income qualifications, with limits a bit higher for the Children’s Health Insurance Program than for Medicaid. Typically, these are HMO plans, so they will typically only pay for services from network doctors unless there is an emergency. There are usually some better low-cost health insurance plans out there.

While Medicaid recipients usually don’t have to pay any premiums or out-of-pocket costs, the average combination of monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs was about $150 in Wisconsin. Again, this is where it can be helpful to regularly compare low-cost health insurance quotes for children only in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Obamacare and Non-Affordable Care Act Health Plans

Children in families with incomes between one and four times the federal poverty level may also qualify for Obamacare subsidies to help pay for child only health insurance in Wisconsin. Incomes on the lower end of that range may even qualify for additional Obamacare subsidies that help defray out-of-pocket costs.

If the family income exceeds limits for Medicaid, Chip, or Obamacare subsidies, the guardians of these children may also consider purchasing other private plans. Before selecting another insurance policy, check to see if it offers certain Obamacare pediatric benefits, like coverage for vaccines and dental care.

These non-Marketplace plans may also work as temporary solutions for people who have missed the annual Open Enrollment Period for and don’t qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. You can learn more about ACA and non-ACA plans from an insurance agent.

Why Compare Health Insurance Quotes for Children Only in Wisconsin?

Cost or availability of group policies isn’t the only thing that motivates people to purchase a stand-alone policy for a child. Some families do have group coverage, but they have a child with special needs or a chronic health issue who might be better served with a more generous health plan. In this case, purchasing a child only health insurance in Wisconsin policy might be a great option.

Even with a variety of public and private options, over 40,000 Wisconsin children remain uninsured. Children represent about 14 percent of all uninsured people in this state. This can present a problem because children need vaccinations and medical care to attend school and participate in other activities. Public or private health insurance for kids can help children access medical care, and it can also help guardians and parents afford the bills. You can also visit or the health insurance marketplace in Wisconsin for more information.