Child Only Health Insurance in Texas

Health insurance for kids in Texas has changed somewhat in the last year because of the Affordable Care Act. Many middle class families can take advantage of ObamaCare and CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) or a health insurance marketplace policy subsidy to help them purchase cheaper coverage. Even if these options are not available, other individual policies are conforming to ACA rules by including essential benefits in their plans. Comparing child only health insurance is simple and fast.

Compare Child Only Health Insurance in Texas Policies

Do you need to purchase a child only health insurance in Texas plan? If so, we provide a free online health insurance quote system. All you need to do is enter your ZIP code to start comparing health insurance for children, entire families, individuals, and even seniors. Also, pick up the phone to call us at any time to get your questions answered or request help enrolling.

Before selecting your child’s policy, it might be helpful to learn a little about health care in the state.

Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in Texas

Programs like CHIP and Medicaid provide a valuable safety net for low to moderate income families without other access to medical plans. But they are not the right option for every family.

Obviously, many families make too much money to qualify for assistance. Some parents and guardians could access group health insurance for their kids, which might make them ineligible, but the cost might be prohibitive. Additionally, public plans are usually fairly restrictive HMOs that limit access to doctors, hospitals, and other medical providers. Families who do not live in the right area or have kids with chronic illnesses might have trouble finding the right care. Finally, it can take several weeks to get an application for public health insurance approved, and some children need proof of insurance right away for school or activities.

These are some advantages of private child only health insurance in Texas for kids:

Best Child Only Health Insurance in Texas

One company that provides private plans for families, adults, and children is Assurant. They offer flexible PPO plans that allow parents and guardians to select their child’s medical providers. While selecting medical providers from the plan network will be cheaper, services from non-network providers are still covered. Also, each plan includes dental and vision benefits for kids, and they also offer vaccines and well-care covered at 100 percent when provided by a doctor on the network.

Because this company offers a selection of different high deductible and low deductible options, it is easy to custom-tailor coverage that fits every child’s needs and every parent’s budget.

We Can Help You Find the Best Child Only Health Insurance in Texas Policy

Texas is a big state, and the right choice of health insurance for child only plan might depend upon where you live. Folks who live in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, or Austin may have different options than people who live in a small town or rural area. Plan networks and prices vary depending upon ZIP code. Start searching for the right health insurance by using our handy online health insurance quotes, and then contact us with your questions. Every family is different, and we hope to help as many Texans as possible find a plan that will give their children access to good doctors and help them save money.