Child Only Health Insurance in Illinois

You might think that most local families simply include their kids on their family medical plan, but this is not always possible. Because of limits on some group health plans, divorces, and kids getting raised in a different city than one or more of their parents, many people need to purchase a child only health insurance in Illinois plan. Because of ObamaCare and CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program), we get quite a few questions about child only health insurance.

Compare Child Only Health Insurance in Illinois

The good news is that buying Illinois kid’s health insurance is usually fairly simple. Many top companies offer quality policies for kids, and they can issue them very quickly. Also, since health insurance rates depend mostly on age, health insurance for Illinois children is usually affordable.

These are some top companies that offer PPOs (Preferred Provider Organization) plans for Illinois kids:

PPOs are a type of managed care, and that means that they use a network of preferred medical providers to help insurers and members manage costs and find good doctors. These top companies have fairly large networks, and you can always check out the plan’s doctors, specialists, and hospitals before you choose which one to buy.

However, PPO members also have the right to get covered services from doctors outside of the network. The plan just won’t cover out-of-network services as well. Still, this flexibility might be handy in the rare event you want to visit a doctor who does not belong to your plan. Also, PPOs don’t usually require referrals to visit a specialist, so this gives families more control over their health costs.

Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in Illinois

In this state, some children are covered by Illinois Medicaid or Illinois CHIP, the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Medicaid is for families with very low incomes, but CHIP might be available to children from families with middle-class incomes. However, these health plans only offer restrictive HMOs. HMO members, with rare exceptions for emergencies, always have to see network medical providers to get services covered. Also, it can take quite awhile to apply for a public program.

With ObamaCare, also called the health insurance marketplace, it might be possible for families with larger incomes to obtain private health insurance with a tax credit. Typically, health insurance marketplace plans that qualify for these credits are open to families who earn between one and four hundred percent of the poverty level.

An insurance company representative can explain how you might be able to get help with child only health insurance in Illinois through the marketplace. He or she can also help you find other affordable choices.

Compare Children’s Health Insurance Rates and Benefits

Top Illinois health insurance companies offer a choice of plan deductibles and benefits, and this means that you can tailor coverage to your child’s needs and your family budget. Since rates may also depend upon insurer and city, it is a good idea to compare a handful of quotes for Child only health insurance in Illinois before you choose which plan you should buy.