Health Insurance Quotes for Children Only in Hawaii

For many families living in the Aloha State, child only health insurance plans have helped them get the short-term, affordable health insurance coverage their family needs in financially challenging times. The great news is if you’re looking to compare child only health insurance in Hawaii, you can use websites like this one. We’ll help you find the most affordable health insurance plan for children only in the Islands of Aloha. We work with some of the best rated health insurance carriers in the state of Hawaii.

Compare Child Only Health Insurance in Hawaii Online

You may not have heard about health care coverage for children only in Hawaii. These policies came about in the last several years with the passing of the Affordable Care Act. The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP Coverage) was an important part of the Affordable Care Act law. These child only health insurance polices help families help meet the most basic health insurance needs of their children. Many of the individual health insurance plans offer low-cost premium payments. They’re perfect if your employer does not provide health coverage for your children or if you are small business owner.

Health insurance plans for children in Hawaii offer important health benefits like:

We should note that most private health insurance plans for children in Hawaii come with a co payment and yearly deductible just like a regular health insurance plan from your employer or group plan.

We work with some of the top rated health insurance companies in the state of Hawaii. Whether you live in Honolulu, Pearl City or Hilo, we can connect you with health insurance quotes for children only in your neck of paradise. We work some great companies like Agile Health Insurance.

It’s worth mentioning that enrolling in a child only health insurance policy in Hawaii is usually done during the Open Enrollment Period mandated by the Federal Government and the Affordable Care Act. This would include the CHIP Program. The Open Enrollment Period runs from November 1- January 31st. There are some special circumstances where you may be eligible for one of these plans outside of open enrollment. This would possibly include a job change, marriage or loss of coverage. It’s important to speak to a licensed insurance agent in Hawaii for your specific needs.

Private Health Insurance Plans for Kids in Hawaii

Please note that child only health insurance in Hawaii plan prices will vary by age, income and location. If you have further questions about affordable health insurance for your children, feel free to give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We also recommend visiting and the health insurance marketplace in Hawaii if you have more questions.

Don’t delay. You could save hundreds of dollars a month by taking advantage of one of these child only health policies in the Aloha State.