Health Insurance Quotes for Children Only in Georgia

Most people, who live in Georgia, include their children in a family medical plan, but that is not always possible. In some cases, one parent lives in another city or children live with other family members besides their parents. In fact, the Georgia Department of Human Services says that 102,000 Georgia grandparents raise their grandchildren. The good news is that many top health insurance companies are happy to help with child only health insurance in Georgia plan. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act and CHIP (the Children’s Health Insurance Program), child only health insurance in Georgia is easier to find than ever. We also recommend visiting and the health insurance marketplace in Georgia to learn more about affordable health insurance coverage near you.

Compare Child Only Health Insurance in Georgia Online

This is the percentage of the population under 18 in select areas of the state:

About 47 percent of Georgians do enjoy medical insurance from employers. Only about 14 percent of the rest are enrolled in Medicaid, the large federal and state health program for people with low incomes. That means that millions of Georgians need to purchase private health plans or go without coverage.

The advantage of private coverage is that top health insurance companies can issue policies very quickly, and child only health insurance are usually fairly inexpensive because companies set prices mostly by age. Comparing low-cost individual health insurance plans for kids in Georgia is easy and convenient. We also recommend that you speak to a licensed insurance agent about any other health coverage questions you may have, even before the open enrollment period.

Private Health Insurance Plans for Kids in Georgia

Many Georgia families find that managed care works well for them because it provides a combination of price controls and easy access to health providers. There is no best choice for child only health insurance in Georgia plans, but it is possible to make the right choice for each individual child and family.

PPOs are the most popular type of managed care plan because they do help families save money by visiting network doctors, but they also allow plan members to access covered services outside of the network if they are willing to pick up a bigger share of the cost.

HMO plans, on the other hand, require plan members to get almost all covered services within the network, but they might be a good choice for children who need a lot of health services and live where there is a good selection of plan providers.

These plans include important health benefits like:

The best choice for your Georgia kids will really depend upon your budget, where you live in this state, and the type of medical services that you need. We work with many of the top insurance carriers throughout the state.