Health Insurance Quotes for Children Only in Connecticut

There are many families today living in Connecticut who are exploring their options. Because of the Affordable Care Act and some of the changes to health care system, many families are considering a child only health insurance in Connecticut policy. When it comes to finding the most affordable health insurance in the Provisions State, you may want to consider a health insurance plan for your child separate to your employer covered health coverage. The good news is there are options out there for a private health plan as well as the Children’s Health Insurance Program or Medicaid. It’s important to remember that the Children’s Health Insurance Program as well as Medicaid have strict income guidelines. You can learn more by visiting or the Health Insurance Marketplace in Connecticut.

Best Child Only Health Insurance Plans in Connecticut

There are several reasons why you may want to consider an affordable health insurance child only plan in the state of Connecticut. One reason is health insurance for kids tends to be more affordable the younger they are. Health insurance coverage for children in Connecticut provide important health benefits like:

Whether your child needs well baby checkups, immunizations or health screening for sports, a child only health insurance policy may save you money when your child is younger. This is one reason it’s good to compare kids health insurance plans sooner rather than later.

Private Health Insurance for Kids in Connecticut

When it comes to choosing which insurance company you should use in Connecticut, you’ll want to start by identifying which companies over child only health plans in the Constitution State. We work with some of the top kids insurance providers in Connecticut. We work with some of the best rated insurance companies in Connecticut including Humana, Cigna and Blue Cross Blue Shield. The good news is whether you live in Bridgeport, New Haven or Stamford, you can compare health insurance quotes for children only right here on our website.

The Children’s Health Insurance Program in Connecticut

It’s important to note that typically if you’re looking to enroll your child in a health insurance plan you’ll need to do it during the Open Enrollment period mandated by Obamacare. This would include those looking to participate in the CHIP Program in the state of Connecticut. The Open Enrollment period runs from November through January each year. There are some circumstances where you will be able to enroll or change your health insurance coverage outside of the Open Enrollment Period. You’ll want to speak to a licensed insurance agent in Connecticut to confirm if you have Special Circumstances allowing you to enroll or change outside of Open Enrollment.

The easiest way to get started comparing health insurance quotes for children in Connecticut is to enter your zip code or state at the top of this page. We’ll find several child only health insurance in Connecticut quotes near where you live to compare. If you have any other questions about affordable health insurance for children, give us a call.