Child Only Health Insurance in California

It’s easier than ever to compare child only health insurance in California even outside of the open enrollment period. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act and CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program), kids cannot be turned down for health coverage because of pre-existing health conditions and many middle-class families qualify for tax credits to help pay premiums.

There are many situations that require the purchase of child only health insurance in California policy or a short term plan. Some parents may want to offer their kids a better health plan than the one they have access to at work, and some group insurance policy from employers may not even extend to children. Additionally, courts often order one parent to purchase health plan for kids after a divorce, and this is particularly true if the child lives in another city than the parent who has to buy the medical plan. Also, you have certain coverage if you are currently on Medicaid. For more in depth information about your health insurance coverage be sure and visit

Best Child Only Health Insurance in California

California is a large and diverse state, and you can find a variety of different affordable health insurance plans for kids. The important thing is to compare kids health insurance plans to make sure you find a good deal that provides the benefits that your child needs.

If your child is fairly healthy, you may save money by purchasing a high deductible plan with lower premiums. You may save money by paying minor expenses out of your own pocket.

If a child has a pre-existing condition and needs frequent medical services, you may find that it works out cheaper to purchase a more comprehensive plan with a low deductible or low-cost co-pays. For specific questions be sure to speak to a licensed agent during the open enrollment period or visit

What Does Child Only Health Insurance in California Cover?

Of course, it is not always possible to predict what medical needs your child or children will have during the course of several months. In any case, try to pick a plan that has a deductible that you could afford to pay in case one of your kids does get severely injured or sick. If you take the time to compare child only health insurance in California plans, you should be able to find coverage that protects your pocketbook and provides your kids with excellent access to local health care providers. Some of these individual health insurance plans for kids include important coverage for things like:

If you or your spouse are expecting a baby, you might wonder if you should purchase insurance to cover the infant. When a pregnant woman is covered, her insurance should extend to her baby after he is born, and parents usually have 30 days to inform the insurance company about the birth. It is always a good idea to make sure that pregnant women are covered because maternity care and births can be very expensive.

The Children’s Health Insurance Program in California (CHIP Coverage)

Child only health insurance in California has both premiums that you can afford and the coverage you need to ensure your kids get good medical care. Since different insurance carriers offer a variety of different medical plans, it can really pay to take the time to compare options. You may want to check out the health insurance marketplace in California for more information.

You can compare free quotes for children’s health plans in California using your zip-code at the top of the page or you can give us a call to speak to a licensed insurance agent.