Child Only Health Insurance

Finding health insurance quotes for children only can be easy when you use the internet. In most cases, entire families can get included on a family health insurance plan. However, this is not always the best option when separated parents live in a different city, group medical plans cost too much to extend to kids, or self-employed people want to buy more robust health insurance for their children than they have for themselves. In this case, parents and guardians can buy affordable child only health insurance for babies, children, and teenagers.

Compare Health Insurance Quotes for Children Only Online

We provide insurance quotes for kids online. Get started by entering your children’s ZIP code in the form on this page. In return, you will see a list of health insurance companies and agencies that are eager to court your business. You also have the option of using these company’s contact information to speak with a live agent.

The great thing about comparing health insurance quotes for children only is that companies may vary by where you live, your income, and your child’s health needs. These are some top health insurance companies that offer child only health insurance in many states:

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Celtic
  • Cigna

Some of these insurers offer coverage through the new health insurance marketplaces, but others, notably Aetna, offer non-marketplace plans. If you qualify for tax credits, you can choose to sign up through the right marketplace in your state. If not, you still should find affordable health insurance for children only outside of the marketplace. In any case, representatives of these companies can help you find the best option for your own family.

Best Child Only Health Insurance

As you compare child only health insurance quotes, be sure to compare both benefits and premiums. If your children are mostly health, and you just need to buy insurance for emergencies or school vaccines, you may save money by buying a high deductible health plan. On the other hand, if your family has to deal with chronic health issues, like allergies or ADD, you might find that it ends up cheaper to pay more for robust benefits and low deductibles.

In any case, your family’s best choice will depend upon the city, insurance company, and type of policy. We make it easy to find quality and affordable health insurance companies. Compare child only health insurance only quotes by entering your ZIP code on the quote form on this website.

After reviewing options, you can click through any of the entries to get more information or find contact information to call or email live representatives for help. By providing this quick and simple online health insurance quote tool, we hope to help many families buy the right health insurance at the best price.