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Health Insurance Quotes For Children Only

Child only health insurance plans can be a great option for your family. There are many families today looking for a separate private health insurance plan for their children. These policies can be a great option for families today. Securing medical coverage for your family can be a challenge, particularly when you’re looking to compare private health insurance plans for your children separate from your work plan. As a working parent, maybe you receive coverage through work, but it’s not financially practical to add your child on a group policy. Maybe you are self employed and need comprehensive coverage for your child. Regardless of the reason, health insurance quotes for children only are available to fit your needs and your budget. Here are just a few of the ways we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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If you’re ready to see what’s available for child only health insurance or your area, all we need is your zip-code to get started.  This is the great thing about using our site. If you’re searching for child only health insurance in Missouri as opposed to New Jersey, we can customize your quotes. Our state of the art tool will get to work finding the best rates from the some of the top companies in your area.

Reliable Quotes: Quick and Easy

What’s the trick to finding the most competitive, private health insurance insurance plan for your children? Simple.  You can find healthcare for kids by shopping around. By comparing children’s private health insurance coverage and costs from a few different providers, you can get all the information you need to make the most informed decision quickly.

We’re proud of our state-of-the-art quote engine and we’ve made sure the quotes you do receive are accurate and reliable.  That means you don’t have to waste your time looking at last year’s rates. Fast, accurate and free- the way it should be.

Trusted Providers for Trusted Coverage

Like most parents, you want the best for your child, and when it comes to securing health insurance, the highest quality is a priority. We work with “A” rated providers, those companies that have been helping folks just like you get the best coverage for their children for years. These are the top rated companies who have worked hard to earn a reputation for delivering excellence across the board.  After all, trusted providers equal trusted coverage, and when it comes to your child, nothing but confidence backed by the best company should do.

Health Insurance Quotes For Children Only- Helping You Make an Informed Choice

Buying private health insurance is important. But with all of the coverage options, quotes and details, it can get a little confusing. Get peace of mind and confidence in knowing you’ve made the right decision for your family by letting us help you make an informed choice. With top providers, cutting edge quoting technology and everything you need in one convenient place, we’ve made it easy for you to secure the quality coverage you need at a price you can afford.

The Importance of Prevention

While most children enjoy good health, it’s important to take the right steps to keep them healthy. As a part of daily activities, kids will be exposed to many other children and environments with less than ideal sanitation. Choosing private health insurance for kids only is one way to protect their long-term health. You may even want to look into dental insurance for kids.

While growing up, health insurance for babies starts the process of taking the necessary steps to ensure a healthy childhood. From the time they leave the hospital, kids require regular medical care. This includes wellness checkups and periodic immunizations. Even when nothing seems wrong, using private health insurance for children allows the parents to have their children evaluated for indications of normal growth and other precautionary checks. Your doctor can also help you understand child obesity statistics and what you can do to keep your children healthy.

These checks are important, as many childhood problems are easily dealt with if they are caught early enough. Of course, having the right health care for kids helps when the child is ill or has an accident.

Common Childhood Wellness Checks

While many of the physical changes observed during normal growth of a child are taken for granted, a health care provider has a number of standards they evaluate during a wellness check. They also evaluate internal, mental and nervous system development during these periodic checkups. Following are a few of the items checked during the wellness checks covered by most providers of private health insurance for child only plans:

Two to Four Weeks.

Two Months

Two Months to 12 Months

Well babies should be scheduled for well visits every two months during this first year of growth. Health care providers will follow the same process of checking for normal growth and slowly moving the child to normal eating of small bits of solid foods and cereals.

Months 15 and 18

Wellness visits during these two periods will continue the standard for checking growth and feeding habits. Any immunizations missed will be completed and any other observations of issues will be addressed. Labs may be ordered if the child has been in for any other illnesses or any variances are detected. Checks for anemia, lead poisoning or tuberculosis may be driven by variances in growth or other factors. Most table foods are acceptable at this age, while avoiding small, hard and round foods such as popcorn, nuts and whole grapes. Supplements, including vitamin D, may be recommended by the health care provider

Two Years

Normal measurements will be taken and the child might be tested for anemia or tuberculosis if any signs indicate a need for such. Children should be feeding themselves and not using bottles. Supplements may be prescribed by the doctor and foods heavy with calcium, such as cheese and yogurt, recommended. Unless other factors are involved, the next well visit will be scheduled for three years.

Three Years to Five Years

Any child will probably have experienced various childhood colds and minor illnesses. Measurements will verify normal growth and all immunizations will be checked for completion, including two doses of Hepatitis A. Most children will be moved to low-fat milk while kept on calcium-rich foods.

The Kindergarten Visit

Prior to starting school, most children are required to have a physical and obtain verification of immunizations.

The health care provider will:

Grade School Years

Visits should be conducted at least every two years if there are no illnesses in between. The child will continue to be measured and monitored for any growth variances. Additionally, weight issues will be identified if they indicate a tendency to obesity or other problems. Certain supplements, including vitamin D and calcium, will often be recommended.

Teenage Years

Males and females will have different medical exam issues during their teenage years. However, it is common to deal with:

As this detailed list shows, private health insurance for kids and even babies is important to cover many of the normal health needs of the childhood years. However, there are other childhood issue that can make it important to have coverage, even if it is child only health insurance.

A few of the situations, other than accidents, include these less commonly known childhood illnesses:

In addition to these more unusual issues, most children will experience one or more of the following childhood problems requiring medical attention:

While it is not necessary for a child to receive doctor’s care for every one of these illnesses, it is important for parents to understand symptoms and potential problems. The immune system in children is not fully developed and some diseases can get out of control very quickly. Parents who have private health insurance for their babies and children will have peace of mind and access to necessary medical care during these times.

Childhood Accidents

Children are naturally active and adventuresome and will normally encounter a fair share of bumps, bruises, and scrapes will growing up. Having adequate health insurance for children is important when these common problems are more serious, such as broken arms and cuts requiring stitches.

According to the CDC, more than 12,000 children under the age of 19 die each year from unintentional injuries. They also estimate 9.2 million children receive treatment in an emergency room each year for unintentional injuries. More than a quarter of these injuries were due to falls and males were more likely to be injured than girls, according to the reports. Animal bites, stings, being struck by an object and vehicle accidents topped the list of causes.

The range of accidents and mishaps encountered by children run the gamut from falling out of trees to splashing antifreeze in the eyes. Accidents actually cause four times the deaths in children under age 15 than the next leading cause. Of all accidents, nearly 40 percent of all resulting in fatalities occur in the home, and nearly one in every five children under the age of 15 experiences some form of accident needing care every year.

Even with childproofing and care, it is expected that every family will deal with some or all of the following while raising children:

While the list goes on, everyone knows the challenges of growing up and learning to deal with the obstacles often encountered. Children lack balance and good judgment and often find themselves in situations causing injuries requiring some degree of medical attention and, often, a trip to the emergency room.

Taking Advantage of Coverage

Of course, the most important thing when dealing with childhood diseases and injuries is care and prevention. The importance of the wellness visits described above cannot be overemphasized. Childproofing, immunizations, good health habits, and training all play a role in protecting children.

However, as the above information and statistics show, there is no replacement for having adequate private health insurance for your children. Parents can include kids coverage with their family plan or compare insurance quotes for children and for child only health insurance. Plus, the changing health care environment and the implementation of  the Obamacare Chip program, makes comparing child only health insurance quotes plans easier than ever thanks to the Internet. We can also help with dental insurance for kids as well.

Having the peace of mind means knowing your children will get the care they need when illness or injury strikes.